360 Tactical Training – Review

Saturday I took Combat Pistol 1 taught by 360 Tactical Training. The class featured defensive pistol shooting, combat reloads, pistol malfunction drills, shooting at multiple threats, shooting at steel targets, a hostage scenario shooting, and tons of other excellent training. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning some real world defensive pistol tactics.

Combat Pistol 1

This class was taught at the ImpactZone in Hempstead, TX. The class started at 8:30 AM and it was a beautiful day in January. I shot just under 500 rounds over the 8 hour day (with a 1 hour lunch break). Our instructor was an ex-Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor who was excellent and really knew his stuff. He also shot extremely well, putting steel on target to demonstrate.

360TacticalTraining, Combat Pistol 1, 1/26/2013
360TacticalTraining, Combat Pistol 1, I’m the short guy in front 1/26/13

Glock Rules the Day

I shot a Glock 19, the guy next to me shot a Glock 19, and I also saw a Glock 27 (converted to 9mm with a Lone Wolf barrel) shot by a great guy named Dave. There was also a 1911 style pistol, one Sig Sauer (I think it was a P226 or a P250), one Smith & Wesson M&P, one Springfield XD, one guy shot a Taurus PT92, but it kept malfunctioning so he switched to a Glock 19. The instructor shot a Glock 17. Those are all the guns I can remember, I think I’m missing 3 of the guns that were represented there, but I can’t remember them so I’ll have to say most of the guns represented were Glocks.

Pistol Malfunctions

We practiced emergency magazine changes throughout the day. We each had at least 3 magazines. One in the gun, 2 magazines on our belt. The instructor taught us how to do emergency reloads early in the day and for the rest of the day, anytime we ran out of ammo we had to fix it.

When performing an emergency reload, we just dropped the empty magazines on the ground, which was just dirt or sand. This caused more than a few jams and malfunctions throughout the day due to the dirt getting on our magazines, then as we put those magazines back into the guns, the dirt got into our guns.

This was excellent because it showed how our guns functioned in the real world environment and not just on the range. My Glock 19 & every Glock performed flawlessly. Glocks are made for combat conditions. The Taurus PT92 had serious problems and was eventually changed out for a Glock. After lunch, the Tuarus was probably malfunctioning after about every 4 shots.

The 1911 Style gun also had problems. Basically the magazine spring got gummed up with dirt and had to be taken apart and fixed. ZERO problems with any of my 3 Glock magazines. I thought it was a telling example that the ex-Marine Corp Marksmanship Instructor shot a Glock 17.

Shooting At Multiple Threats

We shot at multiple threats. The drill was if you had 2 targets then give each threat 2-6 rounds. If you had to shoot at more than 2 threats, then you give each target one round then give each target 2-6 rounds after that. The idea is if you have more than 2 targets, everyone gets one round before getting served 2-6.

Shooting At Steel Targets

This was the best part of the class. It was my first time shooting at steel and I loved the instant feedback that steel targets provide. I think I shot much better when I was shooting at the steel targets and I’d like to do some competitions to get more experience shooting at steel.

Final Thoughts on Combat Pistol 1

This class was the most fun I’ve had in about 2 or 3 years. Go visit 360TacticalTraining.com and see if you can schedule one of these classes. I shot just under 500 rounds. Some of the other guys shot between 500 and 700 rounds. I got a lot better at shooting in the 8 hours of the class. I feel very confident that I can competently defend my family if needed.

I’m looking forward to taking the Concealed Carry Tactics class taught by 360TacticalTraining. I can’t take the next one because I have a wedding to attend, but looking forward to it. I met some great guys at this class. It was fun to see people who shared my gun interest.

If the crap hits the fan. I feel very confident in my abilities. Lateral movement, draw, assess, 2-6 rounds if needed.

Is Glock the Best Concealed Carry Gun?

I own a Taurus PT809 that I sometimes carry concealed. I will never carry that gun concealed again. My Glock 19 ate the dirt and chewed through just under 500 rounds with not one single flaw or hiccup.

I noticed a 1911 style pistol and a Taurus PT92 that at one time both became completely inoperable (probably due to the sand and dirt and volume of fire). I can’t imagine spending so many hours training for the unthinkable, and then when your moment comes your gun malfunctions.

I’ve never had any problems with my Taurus PT809 but life is dirty. Real life has dirt and dust and if I’m going to trust my life to a handgun, I’m going to use one designed for combat service and trusted by law enforcement. That’s why I carry Glock.

I wander how the Beretta Nano or Ruger LC9 would have held up to this class. I have thought about getting either one of those guns or the Glock 27 because I want a gun smaller than my Glock 19. I think my mind is pretty much made up now.