911 Calls Often End Up on YouTube

I do not advise you to adhere to any of the ideas in this article. This is only an account of how some people might handle a 911 call.

I pray that I never have to deploy my concealed carry primary.

Scenario Number 1:

You are sleeping in the middle of the night. You hear a loud bang that sounds like someone just kicked your door in. You are jolted out of sleep and hear a continuous banging on your door. Someone is trying to break into your house. You jump out of bed, locate your firearm, and account for your wife and children; you gather all of them into your bedroom. The front door is holding but who knows for how long.

You call 911. Give them your name and address, tell them what is going on, “there is a man or men outside trying to kick my door down, I live at this address, this is the nearest cross street, my name is _________. Send the police.”

I can’t tell you what to do next, but I will tell you what some people might do next. The 911 operator is probably going to try and keep you on the line. Is it a good idea to stay on the line or to hang up? I need to be fully alert, undistracted, and ready to defend my family against the threat. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sooner or later he will probably defeat the front door and make entry and I may be forced to take the appropriate actions to stop him from injuring my family.

Whatever happens, I don’t want that 911 call being played over and over on YouTube and Fox News. I pray that it is not needed, but this is the world we live in. One of the reasons I don’t want the 911 call being played over YouTube and Fox News is because the intruder or his family are going to sue me after I prevent him from harming me or my family. Things get distorted in the fog of war and I don’t want some jury of my peers listening to this 911 call deciding if I owe the intruder’s family $3 million for pain and suffering and lack of consortium.  Even worse, I don’t want some overzealous prosecutor finding motive because she thinks my tone of voice on the 911 call shows malicious intent, and somehow proves that I did not fear for my life or my family’s lives.

Some Concealed Handgun Instructors advise you to say only what is necessary on the 911 call and then hang up. I don’t know if this is a good tactic. During my CHL class I was advised to use this script if I was ever involved in a situation where I was forced to defend my life:

1)      Identify yourself, give location.

2)      “Please send an ambulance and police. I was just forced to shoot a man who tried to murder me.”

3)      Then hang up.

4)      Call your attorney. Don’t talk to police until your attorney is present.

Remember George Zimmerman?  I like Rap music. I listen to the local Hip Hop station. When I first heard the news about the Treyvon Martin / George Zimmerman incident, it was the local Hip Hop station playing a recording of the 911 call that Zimmerman made in which Zimmerman came off as a racist crazy person. This recording was out there for days before NBC fired the producer for editing the 911 call. Do you think the media wanted Zimmerman to look like a racist, crazy, whack-job gun owner? Do you think he will get a fair trial by a jury of his peers? Do you think that 911 call is going to help him or hurt him? Do you think the local Hip Hop station ever came out and admitted that they had been duped into broadcasting to more than 4 million people an edited 911 call for which the producer was fired? We’re just a bunch of back woods crazy gun owners.