Alternative Concealed Carry Holsters

Inside the waist band holsters, ankle holsters, small of back holsters, blah, blah, blah we’ve heard it all before. Let’s talk about some really creative ways to conceal carry your favorite handgun. I’m talking about some concealed carry holsters that would make James Bond jealous. Money penny never gave him anything like this…

Do you like to run your life on a tight schedule? Do you like to be on time and get stuff done? Then you ought to look into the Galco Defense Planner. This holster looks like your average day planner that you used to carry in undergrad before you stopped caring about actually passing your classes. It has a gun pouch on one side, with room for a small handgun, and a loop for an extra magazine on the other side. It’s leather bound, with an easy open zipper. Now you can carry some protection and stay organized look like you are organized (no room for an actual day planner inside this case).defense planner

You might also want to consider getting a cell phone / pda holster made by Uncle Mike’s Holsters. Again, this would be for one of those cute little pocket pistols. Uncle Mike’s also offers their version of the Defense Planner, just at a lower price point. Check them both out and see which one suits your purposes.unclemikes cell holster

Did you ever consider wearing a fanny pack? A portly engineer I used to work with wore a black leather fanny pack everyday. I always thought it was a “tactical” fanny pack. Anything black can be classified as tactical. I’m not sure if he was packing heat in that black leather fanny pack, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Now if that fanny pack was purple or blue, then I would be surprised to learn that he was carrying a firearm in that baby. That’s where the Taclett Jr. comes in. The Taclett Jr. is a small fanny pack-ish bag that you wear on your person and conceal your favorite pistol in. taclett jrTaclett Jr. comes in small and medium for small guns and a little bit less small guns. They are made by Tuff Products. Nobody will expect you to be using this pretty little fanny pack as a “tactical” fanny pack (ok it’s not exactly a fanny pack, only fanny pack-ish). I’m sure you can see the advantage of carrying incognito. The bad guys will not expect you to have some firepower in this pack. It clips on to your belt, and the handgun is held in the nylon holster as shown above. Pull down hard on the handle, and your gun is available.

Last, but not least, no discussion like this would be complete without talking about Belly Bands. This is probably the most comfortable method of carry around and I think everyone should have at least one belly band. Heck, they are super affordable and super comfortable…not to mention functional.

Check out these belly bands that are going like hot cakes on Amazon. Nothing says “Old School” like drawing a snub nose .357 Magnum out of a Belly Band Holster. If you don’t have one of these belly band holsters then it’s time for you to go old school. One knock on them is that they are kind of difficult to draw from. If you are wearing a button up shirt, you may have to rip every button to access your firearm, but if it saves your life, who cares?

As with any holster, you are going to have to practice using whatever method of Alternative Carry you choose. Good luck. That is all.