Beretta Nano 9mm Review

I continue to receive emails from women asking what the best handguns for women are. I’ve already suggested several guns for women on this site, and I’m getting a ton of good feedback from women who appreciate the suggestions. I wanted to talk a little bit about why I like the Beretta Nano 9mm so much for women.

The Beretta Nano 9mm is a slim gun, so it’s easy to conceal. It only weighs about 18.75 ounces, so it is comfortable to wear. You can carry 6+1 bullets, which is decent. It shoots the 9mm, which gives it plenty of stopping power (in terms of concealed carry). It’s affordable at around $475 (maybe cheaper at Academy Sports & Outdoors).

 Beretta Nano 9mm Review…kind of


These are just a few thoughts I threw down regarding how easy it is for women to conceal the Beretta Nano 9mm on their slimmer frames. Ease of concealment is huge when it comes to concealed carry weapons…obviously. If the gun is comfortable to wear, then you will have it on you when the crap hits the fan, and you will dominate the threat because of that.

The Nano is espcially easy to conceal because it is less than 1 inch thick. Thickness determines how easy a gun is to conceal comfortably and this one is quite thin and small.

Additionally, it is a very reliable gun, as long as you use quality ammo. It has had some reliability issues that can be attributed to low quality range ammo. If you use quality personal defense ammo, you should not have any problems.

But before you buy this gun, go shoot a ton of self defense rounds through one that you can rent at the shooting range. It’s not a Glock, so you need to concern yourself with its reliability. If you are about to get mugged or murdered and you need your gun to fire on the first shot without having to clear a malfunction, then you might want the Glock 26 or Glock 27 instead.

This is not a full review of the Beretta Nano just yet, although I will probably come back and review it completely when I update this post. For Now, just listen to the audio file below.