Best Dry Fire Exercises for Improved Accuracy

You can improve your shooting ability by 50% without ever shooting a single bullet. Dry fire exercises are the easiest way to improve your handgun shooting ability, and the best part is that dry fire exercises are completely free.

Nothing improves your ability to accurately hit your target better than trigger time. However, shooting thousands of rounds per month can cost you thousands of dollars a year. This video demonstrates the Top 4 Dry Fire Exercises, also called dry fire drills, for improving both your accuracy and speed.

Best Dry Fire Exercises

This video from my book Never A Victim shows the best dry fire exercises for new shooters. The video includes the Basic Dry Fire Exercise, the Penny Dry Fire Exercise, Focus & Acquire the Sight Picture, and Acquiring the Sight Picture With Your Eyes Closed.

How to Improve Your Shooting With Dry Fire Drills

Practice each exercise in the video every day for 10 repetitions each until you can perform them with ease.

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