Best Gun Safe

Gun safes are a great way to protect your investment in firearms.  You are protecting them not only from a possible thief but keeping them out of the hands of children or irresponsible adults.

When considering a gun safe for your home you have many decisions to make.  One of the most important is size.  You will need one big enough to hold all your firearms and it is always a good idea to buy one big enough that your collection can grow. You will need to find a location in your home that the safe would not be visible to strangers and it is best if you can bolt it to the wall and floor so that it can’t be taken out of your home. Once you have decided the size safe you will need, buy the next size bigger.  A gun safe will fill up very fast.  You will find it is a great place to also store important documents, expensive jewelry and family heirlooms.

best biometric gun safeAnother very important factor is the fireproof rating that your safe will have. Most people shopping for a safe will look at the theft protection being more important than fire protection.  It is actually more likely to lose your guns to a fire than theft. A house fire can reach temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees in less than 10 minutes. The average house fire will last a little more than an hour. This is not a place to cut costs, make sure you get a safe with adequate fire protection.

Hinges are another area of controversy.  Internal hinges will give the safe a cleaner and sleeker look but will limit the amount you can open the door.  External hinges will allow the door to fully open 180 degrees.  This may not seem important but if you open your safe often you will appreciate it.  There are no security disadvantages to external hinges on a quality safe. A good safe will have enough locking bars that even if the hinges are removed the door will not open. Another advantage is that if needed you can remove the door for servicing or to reduce weight if moving it.

best gun safe

The type of locking mechanism you choose is probably more important than you may think.  While the digital type with a keypad looks great and may be a little faster to open they are not as dependable as a rotary -combination dial lock. Sargent & Greenleaf model 6730 (UL Group II) is the industry standard in combination locks.

Once your safe is in your home you have the option of adding accessories.  Some popular accessories are dehumidifiers, lights and racks for handgun storage. A goldenrod dehumidifier is among the most popular and can be purchased for less than $50. There are also dehumidifiers with rechargeable batteries.  If nothing else you can buy a cheap damp rid bag from a boat or RV dealer. Lights are like anything else, you can spend as little or as much as you would like and will get what you pay for.  Most of the popular safe manufacturers market their own brand of lights but a simple battery operated tap light from a discount store may be all you need. If you like to keep your safe organized there are endless options.  You have the option of buying accessories marketed by your safe manufacturer or others. If you have some skills and a few tools you can custom build your shelving and racks and save some money.

Gun safes can be purchased for less than $100 or you can spend in excess of $5,000.  Some popular gun safe manufacturers are Cannon, Rhino, Liberty, Safeco, Big Horn and Ft. Knox.  If you have an extensive collection and some extra room in your home you can build a safe room or walk in safe.

With the power of the internet you can research a particular safe before you buy and read reviews on it.  This is a big purchase and a lot work getting into your home.  Make sure you buy the one that will best fit your needs.