Shoot Better

Because I have the most awesome readers in concealed carry land, I put this page together as a way to say thanks for making the top concealed carry website on the internet. I’m not any kind of expert. I was in the U.S. Navy, but I was a Nuclear Reactor Operator, not a Navy SEAL. Everything I know about guns and shooting, I learned from long nights of studying and from asking for and paying for expert advice.

Now I’m going to share a few things I have learned along the way with you….FOR FREE! Mainly because, there was nothing like this out there when I was trying to buy my first pistol and learn how to use it…and get my concealed carry license. Well guess what brotha (and sista), NOW THERE IS!

This page is the number 1 resource for anyone who 1) wants to get their concealed handgun license, 2) wants to learn how to shoot better, or 3) is new to the concealed carry lifestyle. I will update this page regularly with new content. Ready?

Here is one of the most basic pistol shooting videos you have ever seen…it’s one of multiple videos / tutorials that you get when you download your free copy of Defensive Pistol 101.

Before you start learning anything you need to download your free copy of Defensive Pistol 101.

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