Concealed Carry Guns for Women

Spend some time in a gun shop and you will see some things happen over and over. A guy will come in and want to buy a gun for his wife or girlfriend. Typically he will say “let me see that .38 revolver”. He has it in his head that it is a simple gun to operate and there is not much recoil.  Although there is some truth to this how does he know what the best gun for her is? On the other hand a lady might walk up to the counter and say “I’d like to see that cute little pink one”. She already has it in her mind that a little gun will be easy to shoot and easy to conceal.

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Gun shopping is not an easy thing to do, you are usually spending a good amount of money and if buying one for protection you want it to be reliable.  The last thing you should worry about is if it is cute or not.

Revolvers are very dependable but are slow to reload.  Most gunfights only last a few seconds but there may be a need to reload and reloading quick could save your life.

The small .380 pocket guns from Ruger, Keltec, Taurus and other manufacturers may look like a good idea to the ladies because of the size. But have you ever shot one? They are not easy to shoot. There is a lot of felt recoil due to the low weight.  They typically have very small sights and due to the short length of the gun your sights do not offer much accuracy. Yes you can get a laser grip but in a fight it is really hard to locate that small dot.  You should always use your sights first.  The laser is simply a luxury.

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There are still lots of options. This may come as a surprise but the number one gun I would recommend for a lady to carry is a Glock 19. Although this is considered a compact gun it still has some size to it. Enough size that is does not hurt your hands to shoot, long enough barrel to be a very accurate weapon and we all know the Glock is one of the most reliable handguns ever made. In addition to the reliability a Glock is also one of the easiest handguns to shoot.  There are no confusing safeties, mag disconnect or anything else to confuse the shooter.  Rack a round in and pull the trigger and it will fire.

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The Glock 19 is chambered in 9mm; this is relatively affordable ammo to buy so you can do plenty of training with it.  There is not much recoil in this weapon   and the 9mm has plenty of stopping power. With a 15 round magazine there should not be a reason to reload but if you do it is very simple and fast.

Malfunctions when firing a Glock are very rare but if you have one, a quick “tap and rack” will almost always clear a jam.  With a little training you can learn to do this very fast.

The lack of a conventional safety may be a turn off to some women or even men but you need to remember that the safety of any firearm is between your ears.  Safe handling and following the 4 rules of firearm safety make the need for a safety non-existent.

It is also a fairly easy weapon to conceal.  There are hundreds if not thousands of holster options available for this weapon.

There are many options and many manufacturers make excellent choices for the ladies. The most important thing for a woman buying a gun to do is go to a gun store and put her hands on a lot of guns and if able to, fire each gun.        Find the one that fits your hand the best and that you shoot the most accurately. Most importantly make sure it something you will carry every day, and make sure you take several lessons and learn to shoot.

If you are a women who is licensed to concealed carry and would not mind participating in an interview series on this website promoting women who concealed carry, please contact me by clicking here, subject header: women & concealed carry. Thank you.

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