Crossbreed Pocket Rocket Holster

You might be surprised to learn that some concealed license holders only carry one pistol. Madness, I tell you. I always say two is one, one is none. There are a few quality pocket pistols that are lightweight and easily concealed. You have to sacrifice power, but advances in modern ammunition are helping to bridge that gap.

Don’t make the mistake of just tossing your backup pistol in your pocket, you need to have a holster for increased safety and ease of use in an emergency. Crossbreed Holsters makes some great backup carry options. I love the new Pocket Rocket Holster. At just over $32 you can’t beat it. This is specifically designed for pocket carry, very comfortale in a back bluejean pocket and it breakes up the gun outline for better concealment through clothing. It has leather backing and Kydex sheath. The pistol is secured in the grip up position for easy access/fast draw. This sheath is available for several models of semi-auto pocket pistols and even allows for laser sights.

I don’t imagine you need to put laser sights on your backup, or even should put laser sights on your backup…but this holster says…why not? Can you tell this guy is hiding a backup plan? Here’s a little advice. Carry the best concealed carry gun as your primary, and always have a backup to your backup to your backup to your backup…