Elite Survival Systems Discreet Security Pack – Review

Elite Survival Systems makes some of the best tactical nylon gear for your concealed carry needs. They have all kinds of tactical gear that will suit the average concealed carry civilian and also the average special tactics door kicker type. Today, I’m reviewing the Discreet Security Pack made by Elite Survival Systems.

discreet security pack1

Before purchasing this product you are going to have to answer one question: Just how cool are you? It’s not a fanny pack in the traditional sense, but it is strikingly similar to the fanny packs that most NASA Engineers wear and you need to be pretty darn cool to wear one of these things. That being said, this pack is freaking awesome!

You can wear this pack on your belt. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to wear it over the shoulder. I wore mine cross ways across my back while taking my morning bike ride this morning.

I don’t know exactly what 1000-denier nylon is, but the pack is made of this stuff and it is pretty darn near indestructible. I like that it has Velcro belt loops that allow you to attach it to your belt without taking your belt off. Admittedly, I didn’t have occasion to wear mine out attached to my belt, but I can imagine some soldiers, security personnel, or law enforcement types wearing this thing all day.

It’s made for compacts and sub compacts and comes with a holster to secure your firearm inside the pack. This is an excellent security option for anyone who does a lot of sitting and still wants to carry concealed. If you are confined to a wheel chair, this is a great option for you. If you do a lot of driving, this holster would work well for you. It also works well for anyone that has other things that need to travel with the firearm and you need a convenient place to store them. I think you could easily fit a pistol, knife, flashlight, and one or two extra magazines in this thing comfortably. It is slower to access than a traditional holster, but if for some reason you can’t wear a traditional holster, I would look into grabbing one of these.