Easiest Way to Rack the Slide

Racking the slide back on a semi-automatic pistol is very easy. This article shows the 4 simple steps to racking the slide back so that anyone can do it.

I have always felt that the best concealed carry handguns for women are semi-automatic pistols. They are more easily concealed than revolvers and often hold more bullets than revolvers of the same size.

Many women think they are not strong enough to rack the slide back on a semi-automatic pistol and are often advised to buy revolvers instead of semi-automatic pistols. I explain why this is a bad idea in my new book.

I can understand the hesitation here because some semi-automatics are really difficult to rack the slide back. However, if you use the proper grip and body position it can be very easy. See the video below for the easy way to rack the slide back.

4 Steps to Racking the Slide Back

  • Bring the pistol IN close to your body

This is done to maximize your mechanical leverage and ensure that you are not easily disarmed.

  • Use an OVER hand grip on the slide

Most people incorrectly try to pinch the slide between their thumb and index finger. It is much easier if you use an over hand grip on the slide.

  • PUSH the pistol with your strong hand.

Instead of trying to pull the slide back with your weak hand, you will find it much easier to PUSH the pistol forward with your strong hand while maintaining your over hand grip with your support hand.

  • RELEASE your overhand grip

Once the slide gets to its end of travel you should immediately RELEASE your overhand grip and let the pistol’s inner spring force the slide back into battery. Do not make the mistake of “riding” the slide back into battery with your overhand grip. That cause pistol malfunctions.

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