Emergency Draw From Concealment

Sometimes you have to draw your concealed carry handgun in a big darn hurry or else someone is going to lay the smack down on you.

I hope you and I are never in that situation, but just in case the day ever comes where you need to put threat ending hot lead down range in an accurate hurry, I made this little video to show you how to draw your concealed carry handgun in an emergency.

And yes that is me in the video, and no I do not have a future in film…

4 Steps to Emergency Draw From Concealment

In the video (see below) I’m wearing an inside the waistband holster, but these four steps are the same no matter what holster configuration you employ.

1) Clear your cover garment.

2) Clear Your Holster

3) High Compress Ready

4) Punch Out to the threat.

Practice doing this from the flinch position because when the dooky hits the fan you are likely to jump right into a startled flinch position and then realize it’s time to go to work. Never stop learning to shoot better.