Galco Holster Negligent Discharge

I’ve been wearing my Glock 26 in a Galco holster for about a year now…AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT.

Generally, I believe that if you’re not a moron, you can carry a concealed handgun without much trouble. However, I keep all of my gear in working condition and don’t use it if it looks like it’s getting old and worn out.

That’s not the case with some gun owners. The article below was embedded from (link to full article below).

The gist of the story…keep an eye on your dang equipment (espcially holsters) to ensure that they are still safe to use.

Here’s a quote from the story & link to original article…

I can’t say I didn’t know the crease had been formed in the holster. I trained myself to be sure that when holstering, to make sure the gun was fully in the holster, with the trigger protected. On this day, did I forget to do that when I holstered up? Did the leather finally get so soft that a combination of body movements and interference by the cushy leather seat move the Glock enough to create a situation where the trigger was engaged by the holster?” —