Good Concealed Carry Guns

When you think of a good concealed carry gun, you think of a small, compact gun that can be easily concealed in public. These guns are small and made to be used for self defense and no one should be aware that you are carrying it.

We can’t go around alarming everybody in our vicinity…leave that to the open carry activists. A good concealed carry guns allows you to feel safe carrying it with one round in the chamber. I carry mine fully loaded and ready to fire. There are many excellent concealed carry choices today. Here are a few of the best…

Ruger SP 101 3″ Revolver

The RUGER SP 101 is a smallish double action revolver. Even though it is a small gun, it is absolutely controllable (because it’s kind of heavy) and performs well at concealed carry distances. As far as concealed carry goes, this gun is perfect for self defense. The Ruger SP 101 3″ comes with a cushioned rubber grip making it comfortable to hold and shoot for hours of practice. This gun loads five rounds of .357 Magnum or .38 special +p.  This is not as lightweight as the Ruger LCR, which is a polymer frame. This is the smallest steel frame revolver Ruger makes.

Ruger SP101 Specs for 357This may not be the best concealed carry revolver, but it is a great first gun for anyone, being that it is a little on the larger and heavier side of concealed carry (and therefore easier to shoot accurately). This is good because you get less recoil during practice and you will be encouraged to practice more often.

Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum Features

  • Cushioned rubber grip (for added comfort)
  • Triple locking system /  Transfer bar safety (prevents inadvertent discharge)
  • .38 special, .38 special +p, and .357 magnum ammo capacity
  • Shoots well in double action or single action

Taurus PT 709 Slim

709 Slim







The TAURUS PT 709 SLIM is a semi automatic and can hold 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. It has a manual safety, which some people (not me) like for concealed carry. The 709 slim employs a double action / single action trigger. This gun is specifically designed for concealed carry. It shoots 9mm rounds and has a loaded chamber indicator.

PT 709 Slim Single Stack 9mm Features

  • Single Stack 9mm…SLIM
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Double Action / Single Action Trigger
  • Weighs 19oz (dry)
  • 1″ thick and Barrel length-3.2 inch
  • 7 rounds capacity magazine + 1 in the Chamber
  • Slimmer and Shorter than a Glock 19
  • Striker fired 
  • Recoil reduced by dual recoil spring (just like the newer Glocks)

If you are looking to conceal carry on a budget. This is a great choice. It wears comfortably because it is slim, but it is large enough to get a full grip. It has a Glock similar trigger. And also has a great feature that Taurus employs called second strike capability.

Taurus Second Strike Capability

Let’s say you get in a gun fight and you pull the trigger and instead of hearing bang you hear click. That’s a bad feeling (not that I would know because I shoot Glocks). With most guns you would run your standard pistol malfunction drills until the malfunction was cleared and the gun started firing again. However, with Taurus’ second strike capability you can just pull the trigger again and the striker will strike the bullet once more.

I have a larger Taurus PT 809 that I actually got a chance to use the second strike feature on once at the shooting range. I pulled the trigger and no bang, only a click. Instead of running the tap-rack drill I just pulled the trigger again, and what do you know…it fired. That would have been very nifty if I was shooting at bad guys to defend my life.

Glock 27 .40 Cal Subcompact

This is one of the larger subcompacts out there, but I’m going to call it a subcompact and not feel any guilt about it. It’s definitely not a gun you could wear in a pocket holster, but it is quite comfortable for inside the waistband carry.

The GLOCK 27 is perfect for concealed carry, especially if you like a .40 caliber round over the 9mm round. The frame and magazine are made of high nylon polymer which provides durability and comfort (read lighter). It’s rare to find a .40 that is this small, this light, and shoots this well. Glock nailed it here.

glock 27

The Glock 27 features interchangeable magazines with all of Glock’s double stack .40s. The Glock 27 features 3 passive safeties that make it safe for concealed carry while carrying a round in the chamber.

I’m always harping on Glock reliability but hey, it’s been proven that Glocks are very reliable and I’m going to keep harping on it. This gun is not as affordable as the Taurus PT 709 Slim, but it is about $100 less than the Ruger SP101 3″ and it carries more rounds.

I will mention a few drawbacks to the Glock 27. First it is heavy when loaded with 9 rounds of .40 cal, plus one in the chamber. Second, it’s a thick gun and not as comfortable to conceal as some single stacks. Third, if you don’t have small hands, your pinky will not fit on the grip and it can take some getting used to.

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