How to Avoid the Biggest First Time Gun Buyer Mistake

This is the mistake I made when buying my first handgun and it cost me about $300. Since the price of handguns has skyrocketed, if you make this same mistake it will cost you about $400 or $500. Thank goodness there is an awesome concealed handgun website like mine so that you can avoid these $500 pitfalls

Shoot Several Handguns Before You Buy  One

This is so obvious, but for some reason, we just don’t do it. Here is a video about an email I got last night from Kalista. Kalista wanted to buy her first handgun, but also wanted to shoot several guns before she bought one. The problem is, most people who are new to the gun culture don’t know that you can actually go try out several different handguns before you actually buy one. Watch the video.

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Firing Range Google Search

Just type “firing range” without the quotes into your Google search bar. This will return several local ranges. Call them up and ask if they will rent guns to you and what guns they have available.

Best First Concealed Carry Guns for Women…or Men

You want your first concealed carry gun to be a Nine Millimeter, semi-automatic, striker fired pistol. If you want to know why I recommend these characteristics for 1st time gun owners, then leave me a comment.

Here are the guns I recommend for any first time gun owner, including women:

  1. Glock 19
  2. Glock 26
  3. Beretta Nano 9mm
  4. Ruger LC9

Never A VictimThe Glock 19 is a “compact” gun, the other three are “sub-compact” guns. These are the size pistols you should select for concealed carry. If all you are looking for is a home defense pistol, then the list will change a bit (Glock 19 is still number 1). After you gain some experience with your first handgun, you may want to move up to a larger caliber weapon like the .40 Smith & Wesson caliber bullet, or the .45 ACP bullet. But do yourself a favor and start with a 9mm pistol first.

If this is your first handgun purchase, consider buying my book for first time gun owners.