How to Clear Common Handgun Malfunctions

I took a few combat pistol classes where I learned how to clear common handgun malfunctions. The coolest feeling is when you are practicing firing your pistol and it misfires or fails to eject, and then you just automatically go into a tap rack drill just on muscle memory.

There are 3 common malfunctions that every one needs to know how to remedy. And there is one not so common malfunction that every needs to be able to recognize (it is unfixable) because if you try to fire your weapon again after this kind of malfunction the gun could blow up in your hand and seriously injure you.

In this article I teach you exactly how to handle all of these pistol malfunctions and I also include the best instructional video regarding pistol malfunction drills on the internet…

The Tap Rack Drill…Failure to Extract, Stove Pipes, Double Feeds

Even though I took classes to learn how to do this, I usually watch this video just about every 2 or 3 months because he does a great job of teaching every thing I learned in the class. Double feeds are the hardest to clear because you have to tap, rack, rip the magazine out, rack 3 times, reload the gun, shoot.

Now here is a term that a lot of new shooters and even some experienced shooters are not familiar with…and this malfunction can end up killing you.

The Squib Load

If you are ever shooting your gun and instead of a BANG you hear a ping or a tiny bang, then you need to immediately stop firing .

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It’s important to be able to recognize when you get a squib because if you just fire another round, then you are likely to have an exploding barrel and injured hand or face.