How to Get Started in Executive Protection

Celebrities, powerful executives, and members of political office require protection for themselves and their families.  We all have heard of the Secret Service and know that they are responsible for protecting the President and his family. Celebrities and executives wishing to protect themselves must hire private companies to offer them protection.

Executive protection is not using a seven foot tall muscle bound giant that looks like a wrestler.  Instead they are highly trained professionals that are just as good at preventing a situation as they are at getting their client out of one.  They learn these skills in their training.  Most executive protection agencies have their own training department so their agents are trained to their standards.

An agent will be trained in several areas.  Preventing an attack or abduction is the most important but they must know what to do in order to prevent these and what to do during and after an attack.  They must learn their surroundings before going to a particular area; know where cover and concealment are and have their exit planned and a backup plan (coincidentally, this is something that all of us should be aware of anytime we are out).

They must also become a skilled marksman, learning a variety of weapons.  Most agents will carry a concealed pistol of some kind but must also be proficient with a rifle and shotgun.  There will be extensive training in firearms.

Evasive driving is another area an agent will receive extensive training.  Training is very important in this area.  The client’s home will most likely be heavily protected and an attacker will see the vehicle as a softer target.  Most clients will have an armored vehicle that is much heavier and more powerful than the common car, thus requiring extra training to drive it away from a threat or even use it to stop the threat.

The agent must also learn to use his body to protect their client.  They must shield them from gunfire, a knife or even someone throwing a punch if they are close enough.  While shielding them they also have to get them moving to a safe place or to their vehicle so they can get away.

An executive protection agent should also undergo training for medical emergencies.  If their client does suffer a knife or bullet wound they must be able to treat them while they are en route to a hospital.

They must also be able to blend in to their surroundings.  An agent will need to dress appropriately for the area they are in to not draw attention to themselves.  Their dress must also let them still be able to do their jobs and most likely still conceal a firearm.  Knowing the right kind of shoes to wear can also make a difference in their ability to do their job correctly.

Hand to hand fighting is another essential training an agent will receive.  Their client may be in area that will prohibit them from carrying a firearm or someone could disarm them.  They must be able to defend against an attacker and subdue them to protect their client and themselves.

To become a professional executive protection agent you should acquire training from a reputable training agency. There are several executive protection agencies in the country.  ICON Services Corporation based in Minnesota is one of the leading companies.  They have a diverse roster of clients from entertainment, artists and public figures.  You can buy training from them; they have a list to choose from basic self-defense for a few hundred dollars to advanced executive protection for $2500 for a 10 day course.  They also offer financing for their training.

Executive Protection Institute is another well-known academy for training professionals that wish to enter the field.  They also offer one day training courses for under $200 to ten day courses for almost $3500.  EPI is located in Virginia.

Tactical Response operated by James Yeager in Camden Tennessee offers a variety of courses varying from pistol courses to high risk civilian contractor courses. They have pricing from $100 to just under $2000 for advanced 5 day training.