How To Renew Your Texas Concealed Handgun License

Renewing a Texas concealed handgun license or CHL is not as easy as renewing a driver’s license.  The process can take a few months and each time you renew it is different.  Not renewing you license in time can result in a lapse where you do not have a valid Texas CHL.

Your original license is good for 5 years.  About 6 months before your renewal time you will get a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety.  This one page letter explains the process.  You can then go online and fill out the forms at  the Texas Concealed Handgun webpage.

You will then need to schedule a renewal class.  After your renewal class you will need to mail in the application you printed online and the certificate along with $70 to the DPS.

Once it is time for your third renewal.  Meaning you had the original CHL and renewed it two times you do not need to attend a class.  You will print out the form and mail it in along with the payment.  After that the process starts over again and your next renewal will require a class.

You are to renew your license 6 months before it expires.  One way to avoid a lapse would be to get an out of state permit from somewhere like Florida that has reciprocity with Texas.  This can be done through the mail and your Texas certificate will prove you have live fire training.  This out of state license could be a backup to Your Texas license if you have a lapse.