How To Shoot A Pistol Part 3

Part 1 covered proper pistol grip. Part 2 covered proper shooting stance and proper sight picture. Part 3 will cover how to properly pull the trigger. Most first time shooters find that they can’t get the bullet to impact on the point where they are aiming. Usually this is caused by anticipating the recoil, which is an imperceptible dipping of the gun just nano seconds before firing. This causes the barrel to point down before firing and the bullet misses low.

Sometimes a new shooter will over squeeze and move the barrel down and to the left (for right handers). These are both problems that are common to almost all first time shooters and the exercise in this video teaches you how to pull the trigger so that you do not incur either of these problems. The key is to hold the gun completely still before, during, and after you pull the trigger.

It was an error for me not to address the need to take up slack on your trigger before you actually pull the trigger. Each gun incorporates a tiny amount of slack into the trigger mechanism. Before you fire, you should take up this slack so that your trigger is resting against its front stop, then you actually begin the process of rolling the trigger back.

Once you can pull the trigger without moving the penny, you will be on your way to properly firing a pistol and you will have outgrown this beginner series. Soon I will be working on an intermediate series for defensive pistol shooting. In the mean time, go to your local gun range and ask where you can take a defensive pistol class.

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