Magazines Related to the Concealed Carry Lifestyle

Combat Handguns Magazine is about 100 pages. As the title suggests the magazine specializes in pistols. It currently sells for $5.99 per issue. One of the best features of this magazine is a section called “It Happened to Me,” which includes interesting true stories of times when readers  had to use their concealed handgun to defend themselves. This magazine also touches on Self Defense and the Law as it relates. This is great information to know if you are going to carry a concealed handgun.

There are product reviews that I found informative and the magazine has a great ratio of advertisements to useful content.  The magazine is written for “civilians” and not directed at “door kickers” i.e., military and police.  They also try to throw in good content that is directly aimed at women readers, but about 95% of the content is geared towards men.  They also have a several articles that will educate you and help you become a better shooter.  One article focused on combat reloads and basic reloading under fire.  I learned the same techniques in a $135 class last weekend.  This is a great magazine for gun enthusiasts.

Recoil Magazine is larger than Combat Handguns Magazine. Recoil is about 155 pages and sells for $8.99. Recoil is a little more “hardcore” than Combat Handguns Magazine.  It also has a thicker outside cover page and focuses on a wider range of firearms (pistols, shotguns, rifles). It even discusses automobiles (Ford Rapture modified for an end of the world scenario). Recoil has a section that lists all the gear showcased throughout the magazine and where you can order it and how much it costs. That’s a nice feature if you get a hankering to buy some cool stuff. There are lots of product reviews in this magazine and you may feel like you are being marketed to. I did not have a problem with it because they do it in a way that you are really interested in the products and I ended up reading tons of descriptions about the products.

Recoil also focuses on knives so knife collectors and lovers will find much to be interested in here. Want to read about sniper rifles? Got it! Looking to overhaul your AR-15? This magazine’s for you. I enjoyed the tips about how to build a fire in the wilderness or in a zombie apocalypse situation. The magazine included a free target and articles about hand to hand combat and how to use a pistol in conjunction with a flashlight. One drawback…The final page of the magazine includes a feature called Combat Shot (a really attractive woman, holding an exotic firearm, wearing next to nothing), so keep this magazine away from children, don’t read it at work or around the wife (or anyone else for that matter because they will inevitably walk in on you just as you are turning to that page and think you’re looking at a girly mag).

Combat Tactics Magazine is about 160 pages, sells for $8.99, and is geared for the hard core enthusiast. It focuses on pistols, shotguns, and rifles. They have some awesome gear in this magazine and I’m tempted to purchase a 500 lumen flashlight that they did an article on. There was an awesome article about a highly modified 1911 chambered in 9mm. A lot of the info and gear in this magazine is clearly marketed to special forces types, but it’s nice for civilians to read as well. The useful content to advertising ratio is not as good here as the other magazines listed above, but it is still an interesting read if you don’t mind sorting through marketing articles masquerading as magazine content. In any case, a lot of the awesome gear featured in this magazine is what makes it so interesting. There just isn’t much useful content in this magazine unless you are looking to buy some new gear.