My First Time to Carry Concealed

Yesterday I took a loaded firearm to the movie theater, to a burrito place for lunch, and to another Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was my first time to ever carry a concealed firearm. The day started off pretty normal. I had breakfast at McDonald’s, bought a backpack for my laptop at Wal-Mart, then came home and did some work on my website. Around 12:00 p.m. the mail came. It was a great day for mail delivery. I received my tenant’s rent check. It was several days late, but he included the $185 in late fees so I didn’t mind. I received 2 tactical flashlights that I ordered about 2 months ago. These flashlights are great because they are small enough to clip to your firearm or clip comfortably to your belt. I got these 2 free because the company took longer than expected in delivery. They are 200 lumen, take one AA battery, and you can focus the beam if needed. On top of that, I also received my concealed handgun license in the mail. So it was possibly the best mail day since that time on the USS John C. Stennis when I received 2 care packages in one day.

I was going to have lunch with my girlfriend that day and I know that she is horrified at the thought of me carrying a concealed weapon (or anyone carrying a concealed weapon for that matter). This always disappoints me a little bit. I don’t understand why people do not want law abiding citizens like me carrying a weapon, and why they only want criminals to carry weapons. As a concealed handgun license holder in my state here is what you automatically know about me: 1) I pay my taxes, 2) I pay my child support (I have no kids but if I did I couldn’t get my license unless I was current on all child support), 3) I have no felony convictions, 4) I have no recent Class A or Class B Misdemeanors, 5) I am mentally competent. All of that is included in the background check that I had to go through to get my CHL. Before getting my license, I took a one-on-one class called Introduction to Defensive Pistol that was taught by an ex-Army Special Forces guy. I took a four hour course called Fundamentals of Defensive Pistol that was taught by an ex-Marine Pistol Shooting Instructor, and then I took the 10 hour Concealed Handgun License class that the state requires to get your license (I shot a perfect score on the shooting portion). Now compare all of that to the average thug who we all know is carrying a weapon in public everyday, and I can’t understand why my girlfriend is freaked out by me carrying a concealed weapon. I’m an honorably discharged veteran, I’m an attorney in good standing with the State Bar (nothing on this website should be considered valid legal advice), I’ve had firearm training (and will continue to take more and more classes), for goodness sakes man I’m one of the good guys. What do you know about everyone carrying a gun out there who is not licensed? Ok, now I will step off of my soap box.

As I was saying, my girlfriend arrived at my house around 1:00 p.m., I was already wearing my concealed weapon.

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On my first day of concealed carry I wore a Gen 3 Glock 19 (flat dark earth option), holstered in a Crossbreed Supertuck at about the 5 o’clock position (right side). I had a magazine with fifteen 9mm rounds in it and none chambered. This being my first time carrying, I was a little shy about carrying one in the chamber, and I knew that if I had to deploy my firearm I was going to have to chamber a round first. My accessories included a CREE MXDL SA-3 200 lm flashlight clipped to my belt, and a Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. First Millennium Run Pocket Knife that was given to me by my friend John on my 23rd birthday. I also wore a long-sleeve shirt un-tucked and a University of Texas hoody over it (it was cold outside).

S&WPocketKnifeMy girlfriend hugged me when she arrived and she did not notice that I was wearing a firearm. She’s already used to me carrying a flashlight and pocket knife everywhere so no surprise there. We drove to the burrito place without incident. It felt strange to be driving with the holster on but I was surprised at how comfortable it was. Once we got home, I worked on the website some more and then took a nap. Around 7:00 p.m. we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I noticed they had a sign on their door stating that the unlawful possession of a firearm on the premises was a felony…good thing I was lawfully carrying on the premises. From the restaurant we went to see a movie. The theater had no signs restricting the lawful carrying of a concealed weapon. I noticed an off duty Sheriff standing watch near the ticket counter. I gave him a nod, he nodded back…another fellow good guy.

We sat through the movie, it was funny and entertaining. I kind of felt a heightened sense of alertness. I took note of everyone who walked in. I located the exits. I ran a few mental scenarios of what I would do if something went down. I have never really done this in a movie theater before, but I just had a stronger presence of awareness about me when I was wearing a firearm in public for the first time. Once we drove home, I went to the closet and took off my firearm. That was the end of my first day carrying concealed. Nothing happened, my girlfriend didn’t know and still doesn’t know I was carrying. Nobody knew. I could get used to this.

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