Self Defence Classes

Many of my readers want to know what the best self defense classes for men and women are and where they can find these classes. There are many ways to protect yourself. Although this website is primarily geared towards concealed handguns, it is foolish to believe that you will never be in a situation where you will have to “fight” to get to your gun. That’s why I recommend that everyone take a self defense course and here are a few of my favorites. But first, it’s important to acknowledge the goal of self defense training. For our purposes, the goal of self defense training is to save your life. That means learning to fight so that you can create space between you and your attacker, so that you can either 1) sprint away to safety, or 2) draw your firearm and stop the threat. If you do not need to create space, then there is no reason to fight anybody.

If I had to pick one all-purpose self defense course that is suitable for everyone…and I mean every one, I would have to pick the fighting style known as Krav Maga. I first learned about Krav Maga when I read Brotherhood of Warriors, a book about the Israeli Special Forces and Counter-terrorism Unit. This is a fighting style that is taught to the Israeli Defense Force and to Israeli Special Forces. Loosely translated, Krav Maga means “full-contact fighting.” It was developed in Israel, but is now used in military and police forces the world over. This is one of the few “Real-World” fighting systems. It is built on a few effective principles:

  1. do as much damage as quickly as possible
  2. immediately attack your opponent’s vulnerable points (eyes, throat, groin, solar plexus)
  3. transition from defense to attack as quickly as possible
  4. convert any available item into a weapon
  5. always be aware of everything that is going on around you (situational awareness)

The beauty of Krav Maga is that there is  no defense, it is just attack, attack, attack. Unbridled aggression or what the special forces call violence of action wins the day. You don’t need to learn to do the splits or flying jump kicks or a triangle choke hold. That kind of stuff doesn’t transfer too well to fighting for your life self defense. This why I love Krav Maga for the concealed carry lifestyle, because it is all of what you need to survive and none of what you don’t need.

You can do a google search to find Krav Maga classes taught in your area or you can check out this Krav Maga Home Study Course that is one of the most popular home study Krav Maga courses. This course is great because for the cost of one Krav Maga class at your local martial arts academy, you can receive an entire Krav Maga study course and learn every thing you need to know in the comfort of your own home. I taught my younger nephews and my sister to defend themselves in an emergency using this course. It’s great for the whole family and my sister really liked it. It also includes three free bonuses. One of the free bonuses is called Self Defense For Women: Threats & Strategies. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page to read more about the free bonuses, but it is specially designed for women and teaches them great strategies to protect against rape and other violent attacks. I know there are a lot of criminals out there and I like to know that my loved ones are safe or at least that they have a good chance of surviving should the mess hit the fan.

I don’t like to share anything with my readers that does not come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! I feel like if you believe in your product then you damn sure better stand behind it. This Krav Maga Self Defense Program comes with a 60 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t feel like it teaches you to save your life when the crap hits the fan, then send it back and let me know what you didn’t like about it so that I can stop promoting it if they don’t fix it.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to “train” for bad situations. I keep telling people this and I’ll say it again, you will not rise to the occasion, you will sink to your level of training. Ladies, have you ever practiced what you would do if an attacker grabbed you from behind and put you in a choke hold? It’s great if you see the threat coming, maybe you will have time to draw your firearm and defend yourself. What if your attacker gets the drop on you and you have to fight for your gun. And this is a fight for your life. Loser dies, winner goes home to their family and loved ones. Have you ever practiced something like that?

Is it really that crazy to think that something like what I just described could actually happen? Or are you one of those “victims” with their head stuck in the ground who likes to pretend that we live is a perfect world? Just turn on your news tonight and tell me how many violent crimes, rapes, home invasions, car jackings, and kid nappings are reported tonight. If the answer is zero, then consider never coming to this blog again, if the answer is a larger number than you are comfortable with, then click this link, and start teaching you, your wife, and your kids how to defend themselves.