Shooting at Lone Star College

These idiots are hitting really close to home. I went to 3 semesters of undergrad at Lone Star College. Now some idiot is on a shooting spree at Lone Star College on the North Side of Houston. Just before 1:00 p.m. gunfire rang out. Local media reports that 2 people were wounded, 1 critically. The early reports are that 2 gunmen were involved. I know that there is some serious gang activity in that area so I’d be surprised if this was one of those my daddy didn’t get me a BMX bike for my eleventh birthday kind of shootings. I suspect gang violence, but that is as of yet unsubstantiated. Reports are that the shooting occurred in the library and possibly the cafeteria. Both likely to be crowded areas at that time of the day. I pray that everyone is ok. I pray that all the students make it home safely. I pray for any victims and their families.


The shooting was not an active shooter situation, but an altercation between 2 individuals. At least one of them was armed with a handgun. The victims were hit by stray rounds. It is still unclear as to whether the incident is gang related.

Lone Star College has a 170 member police force. Lone Star College Police Department responded immediately. Within the last 7 days there has been 3 training exercises teaching faculty and staff how to respond to just this kind of situation. Training is key.

One maintenance worker (approximately mid fifties) was shot in the leg, and is in stable condition. The shooting happened in the center court yard of the campus. Also a male student was shot in the leg, and one female student had unidentified medical complications. No one has been arrested, but there were 2 people involved in the altercation who are currently labeled “persons of interest,” and are reported to have been injured and taken to the hospital.

Another Shooting in a “Gun Free” Zone

All schools in Texas are “gun free” zones, and I believe that is actually a federal law vs. a state law. My thoughts are always that criminals do not obey laws, and that a gun free zone sign means nothing to someone hell bent on killing his fellow brothers. This story is still developing and there will be more to follow, but I continue to warn people to be prepared for senseless acts of violence exactly like this one. I continue to teach people to survive an active shooter. Although having a concealed handgun license and carrying a defensive handgun would not have helped in this “gun free” zone, I continue to advise people on the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws, and continue to advise that you learn to defend yourself with a handgun.

You Will Sink to The Level of Your Training

Train to survive. Train to make it home to your family again. You think it will never happen to you; this happened in my home town, at my undergrad college. Be ready. Be vigilant. Survive.