SPRINGFIELD Armory .45 ACP XDs Review

Are you ready for a .45 ACP that you can pocket carry? Used to be if you wanted to carry a .45 caliber automatic you were carrying a large 1911 style pistol. Those days are gone. The questions you are asking are: 1) Is it controllable? 2) Is it accurate? We’ll get to that. I know some people who love Springfield Armory the way I love Glock. I almost purchased a Springfield XDM 9 as my first handgun, but my shooting instructor was an Army veteran who used a Glock in Iraq so of course I became a Glock guy. Turns out the XDM has become one of the most popular semi-auto for concealed carry, but I love my Glock. And after shooting this .45 ACP XDs I now have Springfield envy.

I’m talking about a pocketable .45 ACP semi-auto. The barrel is 3.3 inches, overall length is 6.3 inches, 21 oz empty 5 + 1 capacity or 7 + 1 capacity with extended magazine.springfield xds3

I’m not one of those expert shooters and nothing I could tell you about the way the gun fires would be very educational. I will say that for a small gun shooting .45 ACP I just didn’t feel any significant recoil & my follow up shots hit where I was aiming (there that’s my layman’s perspective, maybe some of you experts can chime in on how this thing shoots). This probably sounds stupid to say, but you really have to grip this gun hard or you might get some misfires. That goes without saying. I didn’t have any problems with it, but the dude I borrowed it from kept getting misfires. I told him to extend his arms fully and stop shooting with two bent elbows and to grip the gun tighter and he had no more misfires. It’s just a small light gun and if you don’t grip it tightly I think it probably doesn’t have anything to push against when ejecting the round (that’s my non-expert guess).

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It’s incredibly thin, but still plenty of real estate for good grip. I also like the 2 dot rear sight and red fiber optic front sight. How does Springfield make this tiny gun so controllable? I don’t know.

I’m not a fan of the Springfield back strap safety mainly because I’m foolish and don’t realize what a great feature that is. This gun also has a pivoting trigger safety similar to Glock’s trigger safety.

I don’t think you can pocket carry with the extended 7 round magazine but it would be a perfect IWB carry with the extended magazine. With the 5 round magazine it is totally a pocket carry, especially if you are not one of those cool kids who wears skinny jeans. I like the look of the McCabe Front Pocket Holster for this gun. About the only thing I didn’t like about this gun is I’m a fan of 15 + 1 capacity pistols and don’t feel comfortable carrying 5 + 1 or 7 + 1 out into the world. Other than that, you will love this gun.