Things to Consider Before You Get Into A Gun Fight

Sometimes you have to fight your way out of trouble. Every concealed carry licensee needs to think about how they are going to handle that situation long before it ever happens.

This article is about some very important things you should consider before you ever get into a gun fight. Your attention to these matters could mean the difference between life or death.

Your primary goal as a concealed carry licensee should be to avoid getting in a situation where you have to use your gun to defend your life. That means you have to stay vigilant. You must spot trouble before trouble spots you, and then exit the area before everything goes to crap. You need to learn to “escape the wolf” before you ever purchase a concealed carry gun.

Escape the Wolf

A pistol is a reactive weapon. If you were planning an attack, you would take an assault rifle or shotgun as your primary weapon. Any pistol would merely be a back up weapon. Nothing more illustrates the reactive nature of the pistol than concealed carry.

The biggest advantage that your enemy has is that he chooses the time and place of the battle. Action is faster than reaction, and you are forced to react to his planned attack. The only way to combat this is to remain ever vigilant, even hyper vigilant. Be looking for trouble, and learn to spot early indicators of trouble.

Get Off The X

Your attacker has a plan. His desire to kill you / rob you / rape you / kidnap you has been premeditated. Literally speaking, he is waiting for you to get on the x. He is waiting for you to be in the exact spot at the right time so he can set his plan in motion.

Because action is faster than reaction, you need to disturb his plan. You need to get off the x and force him to react to your action. Once he has initiated his plan of attack, the best way for you to interrupt his plan is to employ lateral motion. Let’s assume someone is planning to rob you at the gas station.

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When you are turned around about to slide your credit card into the pay slot, that is where he is going to attack you. That’s the x. Luckily you are employing hyper vigilance at this vulnerable location and spot a strange man moving toward you out of the corner of your eye. You immediately take 3-4 quick steps to your left while scanning for other threats.

That buys you a few precious seconds because now he has to mentally re-evaluate his plan as you are off the x. Lateral movement can buy you the few seconds that could be the difference between life or death.

Check out this video where we trained taking a quick step to the side before firing our weapon. The point of the quick step is to get out of the way of the enemy. Employ lateral (sideways) movement.

What’s in the Foreground, What’s in the Background

Sometimes you have no shot. Before pulling the trigger, always consider what is between you and your target, and what is behind your target. You do not want to hit any innocent bystanders.

Hollow Point vs. Full Metal Jacket

You should load hollow points for personal defense. Hollow point bullets are designed to expand upon impact. Bullet expansion does 2 things. 1) When the bullet expands, it creates a larger hole in the threat resulting in increased stopping power. 2) When the bullet expands it is more likely to stop inside of the threat instead of going straight through.

If the bullet stops inside of the threat, then it imparts all of its energy into the threat, thereby causing the most damage. If the bullet goes straight through the threat, then it does not impart all of it’s energy into the threat, resulting in decreased stopping power, and increasing the probability that you will hit innocent bystanders when it comes out the other side.

Assume Body Armor

Know how many bullets you have before you are empty. Plan to hit the threat between 2-6 times in your first volley. At least 2 times to increase your chances of stopping the threat. But, less than 6 times so that you can evaluate how effective your fire is before you run out of bullets. Perhaps the threat is wearing body armor and you need to run or adjust your fire for a head shot, leg shot, or pelvis shot. In any case, you don’t want to empty your whole magazine on a body armor protected area of the body.

Pre-plan how you will deal with a body armor clad threat. Just about anyone can go online and purchase some high quality body armor for a low price, so assume body armor and don’t blow your whole magazine in the first volley. You need a few shots left after your initial effectiveness evaluation.

You Will Sink to the Level of Your Training

If you have never rehearsed (either mentally or physically) your response to an emergency situation, then you are decreasing your likelihood of surviving a gun fight. Chances are you will never be attacked by someone who wants to kill you, or rape you, or shoot you. But if the first time you ever experience it, if the first time you ever think about it is when it is actually happening to you, then you are probably not going to fare very well in that situation.