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List of Related Links


CB_Rgif_CCCrossbreed Holsters: Handcrafted Leather/Kydex holsters. Lifetime warranty and try it free guarantee.

Crossbreed sent me a holster to review. See my review here.

Concealed Carry for Women:

PackinNeatKristenKristen at Packin’ Neat makes designer concealed carry purse inserts that allow you to convert any purse in to a concealed carry purse. Kristen’s designer inserts organize your purse and allow you to conceal and carry in style.


Girls Carrying Guns is a site for women and their issues relating to firearms.


The Gun Rights Radio Network: Mark Vanderberg created the Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN) to host those independent voices among the pro-gun owners’ rights community. Since its founding in early 2008, the group has expanded to some 19 regular podcasts.

Modern Survival Online: Thoughts on Survival and the World today.

Survivalist Boards: is the best online forum for self reliance  and preparedness.


Fondis Firearms, LLC: Fondis Firearms in Colorado offers Concealed Carry and NRA Firearms training classes, plus FFL Services, catering to each individual’s needs. Contact Lisa and ask how to get your training for FREE!




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